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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Herbal Oils         (taken from "Edible Herbs by C.Smith)
Clean fresh herbs and allow to dry thoroughly(very important they are really dry)
Fill sterilized bottle one-quarter to one-third with herbs.Fill reminder of bottle with oil.Use a light oil,olive,safflower,or sunflower.Use a strong flavored herb such as basil,bay,oregano,rosemary or thyme.
Be sure all the herbs are submersed in oil.
Cap the bottle and let stand at room temperature,out of direct sunlight for 10 to 14 days.
Strain the oil through a clean,dry cotton cloth,discard herb.
Store oil out of direct sunlight and extreme heat or in the refrigerator.Use within 2 months to avoid spoilage.Bad oil will have a very pungent smell.
Use in salad dressings,drizzled on a platter of fresh tomatoes,on grilled chicken breast or fish.Drizzle on steamed vegetables as a heart healthy alternative to butter.You can also serve a shallow bowl of herbed oil along with crusty bread.

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