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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

After the holiday madness I plan to make a few dream pillows.I researched which herbs to add and thought maybe you would need a quick holiday gift or two.
Dream Pillow
Fold a piece of muslin fabric in half and stitch along three sides.Add your herbal blend and 5-6 drops of oil.Sew remaining side.This is the inner bag.Next take a slightly larger piece of fabric and fold in half.Stitch three sides.Add your inner pillow and close.You can be as plain or fancy with these as you like.You can simply stitch the outer pillow closed or you could add a velcro closer,buttons,zipper whatever your heart desires.The following are some suggestions for herbs and oils to use.Pick form this list as some herbs and oils are not suitable for dream pillows.

Herbs                    Oils
chamomile         Lavender
mugwort            Jasmine
lavender           Lilac
angelica            Bergamot
rose petals

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