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Friday, May 23, 2014

Well it looks like later got away from me.
The poor herb garden really took a hard hit this past winter.All my lavender is dead,even some of my catnip died.So, it is time to replant and regroup.Meanwhile ,I did learn something.
I was planning on growing some herb that I could use in my soap making.One of the herbs you can use is calendula.I  searched and couldn't fine the plant anywhere.Come to find out it is the dried petals of the marigold flower.Who would have thought?So now I will plant some marigolds in my herb garden.They will help keep bugs away and also give me a new additive to my handmade soaps.
Added so far this year to the herb garden are sweet basil,opal basil,spearmint and lemon thyme.I have also planted my rosemary in a container so to minimize the shock of bringing it indoors over winter.

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