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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The snow has left.The herb garden looks pretty sad and I fear I have lost some of my herbs.Looks like I will be taking a trip to the garden center.
I thought this month,as we are all looking at our gardens deciding what to plant and where to plant I might be able to help a bit.Here is a list of herbs that will grow well in the shade.I know that I have lots of shaded areas in my lawn,maybe you do to.
Sweet Woodruff
Lemon Balm
Wild Ginger
Spice Bush
Of the list I have tried  sweet woodruff ,parsley,and lemon balm and have been able to grow without a problem.

Hyssop Cough Syrup
Fill glass jar with chopped fresh  hyssop herb.(dried 1/2 full)
Fill 1/3 with honey
Fill rest of jar with Apple Cider Vinegar
Cover eith plastic lid,label,sit for 3-4 weeks in ccl dark place.After 4 weeks
strain,relabel bottle.
Dosage-1-2tsp.every hour

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